Israel’s Attack on Iranian Consulate in Damascus Puts American Lives at Grave Risk. | U.S. Says it had “No Involvement or Advance Knowledge” | ‘Is the US Telling the Truth or Lying’ & ‘What’s at Stake’ Analysis.

Hours after Israeli strikes on Iran’s consulate in Syria have left at least 11 people dead – among them Brig Gen Mohammad Reza Zahedi, the highest-ranking Iranian military official to be killed since the January 2020 assassination of Gen Qassem Suleimani in Baghdad, The United States told Iran it was not involved and had no advance knowledge of the Monday’s strike on an Iranian consulate in Damascus. Axios first reported the US communication to Iran.

“The Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate is a clear attempt by PM Netanyahu to draw the United States in a war with Iran to widen its Israel Hamas war into a Middle East wide war. Netanyahu wants to transform his failed war to destroy Hamas despite 6 months of war crimes and genocide on Gaza civilians. He wants to turn it into a regional and direct Israel Iran war with the US on his side. said Khaled Fattal, speaking as an international geopolitical and Middle East expert.

Fattal added, “if Netanyahu succeeds, he will change the narrative in the US, the West, and the world from the “Israel Hamas War” which became “Israel Gaza Genocide War” to an “Israel Iran war”, and into “Israel’s fight for its Survivability”, a war he can then falsely label as a fight for “democracy and freedom” which the US and Israel on the same side against oppression, dictatorships, and above all, “Islam and Islamic Terrorism,”

Fattal then emphasized, “drawing the US in is a must for Netanyahu’s plan to succeed to ultimately secure his remaining as Israeli PM past the US Presidential elections,”.

Israel’s Attack Puts American lives at Grave Risk – What will Biden Do Next? 

Fattal added, “The Israeli action is a very dangerous to the US and has put American lives and interests in direct hams way. Equally alarming is the United States telling Iran “it was not involved and had no advance knowledge” of the Monday’s strike. This has only two possibilities with serious corresponding scenarios.

Fattal elaborated,

“Scenario 1:  The US is telling the truth – If so, this means Israel’s knowingly put American lives in harm’s way when Iran’s reprisal takes place. The only way President Biden can save American lives, interests and credibility around the world is to immediately issue a Presidential order to halt ALL SUPPORT to Israel with immediate effect. This is the only way the US can show it genuinely was NOT involved and did NOT know in advance of the Israeli strike. Alsdo,and when the UN Security Council debates the attack, the US must NOT veto or abstain when a vote to condemn Israel’s action takes place.”
“Scenario 2 – The US is lying if no decisive action by the US and President Biden as described above takes place to distance itself from m the Israeli action . Also, if the US only issues a warning to Iran but does not match it with a decisive actions as described in Scenario 1 would imply with high certainty that the US is lying. I would also expect to see just statements, words, and spin, and perhaps the US announcing some sort of an investigation to buy time.”

war that will moiwith Iran thand Israel to widen and escalate the war  specifically to seen by   and Hamas widening to a broader regional conflict. Iran has vowed retaliation after a strike it blamed on Israel killed two of its top commanders and five others at its consulate in Syria.

“The United States had no involvement in the strike and we did not know about it ahead of time,” a National Security Council spokesperson said.

The US has “communicated this directly to Iran,” the US official said.

On Monday, the State Department said the US was gathering more information about Monday’s strike in Damascus but expressed concerns about any further regional conflict.

“Before we have gathered information about what exactly this was, I don’t want to speak to it, specifically, but of course we were always concerned about anything that would be escalatory or cause an increase in conflict in the region,” said State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has widely held the US responsible for the attack and said “the United States should be answerable.” Amir-Abdollahian said Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Swiss chargé d’affaires in Tehran early hours Tuesday local time to discuss the incident, given Switzerland’s role in representing US interests in Iran.

The US has accused Iran of supporting proxy attacks on US and Western targets since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war. In January, a drone attack killed three American soldiers at a US outpost in Jordan, which the US attributed to the Iran-backed umbrella group Islamic Resistance in Iraq, though the incident caught Tehran by surprise and worried political leadership there, officials told CNN at the time, citing US intelligence.

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