The Most Moral Army in the World? Really? | Israeli Soldiers Strap an injured 12-yr-old Palestinian boy to their Jeep like a ‘Hunted Deer’, or as a ‘Human Shield’, while passing 2 ambulances – Boy dies later.

The army that has self-labeled itself as the “Most Moral Army in the World”, has once again showcased why its distinguished high morality is decades of pure Fake News.

A video (see below) of Israeli soldiers with an injured 12-year-old strapped to their Jeep like a ‘Hunted Deer’, or as a ‘Human Shield’. The video also shows the Jeep passes two ambulances, which debunks the Israeli army’s official story (see below). The Boy died later.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Ramallah said that a 12-year-old Palestinian boy died Saturday of his wounds after being shot by the Israeli military last week,

12-year-old Mohammed Murad Khoshiyeh.

The boy, Mohammed Murad Khoshiyeh, was shot in the torso during clashes in the West Bank city of El Bireh last week. He was a resident of a small nearby village.

The video below was taken in the Jenin refugee camp on Saturday. It shows a wounded Palestinian on the hood of an Israeli military vehicle that was moving and passing by 2 ambulances.

The Israeli military story claims that the soldiers were trying to bring the wounded boy to a point where they could transfer him to an ambulance but had no room inside their vehicles. the story is full of holes as the video shows the jeep passed 2 Red Crescent ambulances.

The Israeli story also says that the boy was armed and had escaped their forces at the time of his arrest, and once the military

learned the man was being transported on the hood of the vehicle, the soldiers were told to stop.

The most moral army in the world which is responsible for killing over 40,000 Gaza civilians including more than 17000 children and which has been accused of Genocide at the highest court in the world, claims that the soldiers’ actions are in violation of its orders and procedures.

“The conduct seen in the video is not consistent with the IDF’s directives and what is expected of its soldiers,” it said in a statement. “The incident is being investigated and dealt with accordingly. The suspect was transferred to the Red Crescent for medical treatment.

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