Are Elected US Politicians Taking America into the Abyss? | Survivability News™ Publishers Corner.

By Khaled Fattal | Survivability News Publisher’s Corner.


On May 31, 20124 US Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu received a letter inviting him to speak before US congress. The letter was signed by Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries. ™

On June 19, 2024, Israeli news publication Haaretz reported that an Israeli Expat Group has launched a campaign to get Netanyahu invitation to Congress rescinded. (See link to Harretz story at the end of this editorial post)

Jews Want Netanyahu’s Invitation to Speak Before Congress Rescinded 

UnXeptable is a grassroots movement of Israeli citizens around the world dedicated to saving Israel’s democratic institutions from the actions of an Israeli government that seeks to destroy them. It has led many of the anti-Netanyahu protests held by Israel expats across the globe, and it intends to bring busloads of Israeli-Americans to protest outside Congress while Netanyahu is speaking, if his invitation to address Congress is not withdrawn. (More about UnXeptable at the end of the post).

“Self-hating Jews”.

Individual Jews and Jewish Groups in the US and all over the world who have been very vocal in criticizing Israel, its politicians, especially PM Netanyahu and his cabinet for the killing of more than 35,000 Palestinian civilians including over 17,000 children are often labeled as “Self-hating Jews”.

“Antisemitism” & Delusional Claim of “Self-Defense” 

Antisemitism is the standard “label answer” that Israel and its US and western supporters have used for decades when Israeli political policy or actions are criticized. This continued since Israel’s Gaza Genocide which Israel continues to unleash 9 months into its war to eradicate Hamas, which turned out to be the eradication of the Palestinian people themselves thru mass murder, forced internal mass exodus, or forced displacement of millions into Egypt’s Sinai desert, which have all failed 100%.

The only success Israel can claim is that it killed, injured, and maimed over one hundred and twenty thousand Palestinian civilians, or about 5 % of Gaza’s population, under the delusional claim of “self-defense”

Decades of Lies

Israel and its supporters and corrupt politicians, especially in the US, falsely lied to their public to make them believe that Israel respects the rule of law, that it is a democracy, that it is the only one in the Middle East, that it shares the same values as the US and the west, unlike the backward Arabs of the middle east and the Muslims of the world. well the world is discovering that all were lies.

A World Waking up

But it seems the world is awakening, and public awareness is starting to change irreversibly as some of these well-choreographed responses of ‘antisemitism’ and ‘self-hating-jews’ have lost their effectiveness, and no longer work like they used to in the past.

Unprecedented Demands for Justice to hold Israel & Leadership Accountable

Equally troubling to Netanyahu and Israeli leaders and society is that not only has the global public opinion awakened and shifted seismically, but it can now see the PERPETUAL BIG LIES that were dished out for decades to keep the Palestinians down, despite the facts that Palestinians were living UNDER OCCUPATION with NO BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, if UN resolutions, international law, and the Rules Based Order are the standards of measurements used, god forbid.

Israel’s Special Interest Fear & Intimidation No Longer as effective

Not only people all over the world especially in the US, are no longer afraid or being deterred, like they used to, from speaking out openly against the mass killings and horrors Israel is committing against women, and children in Gaza and the west bank – they are now demanding Justice.

US Elected Politicians Taking America into the Abyss 

It is clean, US ad Western elected politicians are still deaf to the growing voices and demands of their public, let alone international Law, UN resolutions or the Rules based order they created and want to protect. It is also clear that the true reality of Israel has been exposed for the bigoted, supremacist, racist, and apartheid state it is and in violations of all rules, laws and standards mentioned.

What is at Unprecedented Stake for America?

Bigoted, supremacist, racist, and apartheid nations have no place in the 21st century. The course Israel is following will take it to the abyss and will drag America by its tail with it.

Yet, elected politicians in the west, especially the US and UK who are facing imminent elections are still not listening to their public.

Questions Americans Must Ask of Political Candidates?

Is the Biden Administration capable of taking the decisive decision to protect and save America, its prosperity, world respect, and leadership from the Titanic self-sinking ship called Israel? Or, will Biden get punished at the ballet box in November’s Presidential Elections? And if Biden is punished, what will President Trump do? 

Top Duty / Priority of Next US President.

As the course of actions and the direction Israel is following that is taking it into the abyss, and which is dragging America with it by the tail, the next US President must chose and declare what his FIRST PRIORITY to America and the American public is.

Protect & Save Israel?
Protect & Save America?

Because protecting and saving both, at the same time, is no longer possible.


By Khaled Fattal, 

Survivability News Publisher
International Best-selling Author
MLi Group & Survivability Subsidiaries Executive Chairman. 

Click to read the full Haaretz story.

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